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Akinsola A.

Akinsola A.
Health Informatics



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About the preceptor Akinsola is looking for:

Located near Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware.

Must hold a master's degree in Healthcare Informatics, Bioinformatics, Public Health Informatics, HIM, Information Technology, Nursing Informatics, or graduate degree in a related discipline.
Provide an opportunity to work with other informatics and HIM professionals as appropriate to augment the practicum experience.
Minimum of 2 years of current work experience in informatics. IT or HIM. This can be within a hospital or clinic setting.
Minimum of 3 months at current employer
Able to provide an educational experience that will help meet overall practicum objective and personal learning objectives
Preceptor willingness and time are available to mentor students learning by serving as a resource during the practicum time.