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Rayna B.

Rayna B.




About the preceptor Rayna is looking for:

Located near CA.

Hello, I am enrolled in a MSN/Nurse Educator program. I work full-time, and I am in need of a Nurse Educator who meets these guidelines. My courses begins in November 2020, and will last through March 2021. I am in need of someone flexible, who can utilize video conferencing due to COVID 19 precautions and distance.
1. Be a registered nurse with a minimum of a master of science in nursing and competency in a specialty area preferably Certified Nurse Educator (CNE).
2. Minimum two years experience working as a nurse educator.
3. Desire to be a preceptor, interested in professional growth, and sensitive to learning needs of student. 4. Be accessible to students for completion of
practicum goals, objectives, and projects.