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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Michigan School Nurse Survey 2020

Posted over 1 year ago

MASN, in partnership with our State School Nurse Consultant, is looking to collect data on where our school nurses are working across our state.   In addition, we are also hoping to collect any data on the number of students with chronic conditions our schools are supporting.

This survey can be taken by anyone that works in a school setting:  RN, LPN, and even non-nurse School District Employees.   It is NOT exclusive to MASN members.  Our goal is to collect as much information as possible to better understand where nurses are working (or not!) in Michigan schools.

Click the following link to take the short (5-10 minute) survey:  

Click this link to watch the webinar on the background and instructions on taking the survey:         (survey instructions start about about 19:00 minutes)

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have in regards to taking the survey.    We appreciate your time!

Thank you!