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Sparkle & Shine 5K Fun Run/Walk for Michigan School Nurses!

Posted over 5 years ago by Rachel VanDenBrink

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Michigan School Nurses

Happy New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas Season with your families and friends and are ready to return to the second half of our school year. There is so much school nurses are doing in their communities and schools around the state of Michigan and I love hearing about how you are all Sparkling and Shining.

I have been on the Michigan Association of School Nurses (MASN) Board for the past two years. This fall I attended the MASN Board Meeting and Conference and left rejuvenated and refreshed with new ideas. I was also asked to develop a plan for Spring Conference for School Nurses in the evening because I live in the area. This year the Spring Conference is in Lansing and I wanted to connect the advocacy work that Parent Action for Healthy Kids and School Nurses across the state have accomplished. I always get a little hesitant when others speak to me about advocacy. So I decided that this event could be a great opportunity for school nurses to do some advocacy work and have fun while we are at it.

School nurses are typically at the center of the Coordinated School Health Teams and Programs in their schools. One of these components is Staff Wellness. I want to show our advocates across the state how we as school nurses can work together to promote health and wellness and become health and wellness champions ourselves. This is our chance to sparkle and shine!

I hope you will all join me at conference and participate in the evening activity of a School Nurses Sparkle & Shine 5k Fun Run/Walk on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University. We will also have a Good Form Running and Walking Presentation from Playmakers prior to the event. The event will be a Sparkle & Shine Pep Rally – invite your advocates – use this opportunity as a staff wellness event. I have attached a letter/invitation that you could use with your advocates to encourage them to attend. School Nurses do Sparkle and Shine and we need to demonstrate to our advocates how we can do this! Join me in training this winter for your first 5K, your fastest 5K or a 5K that you have the biggest team running/walking with you. Let's all work together to help our advocates in Lansing and across the state see how school nurses can Sparkle and Shine!

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Yours in Health,
Karla Palmer, MSN, RN, NCSN
Region Chair