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Michigan School Health Consideration Documents

Posted about 2 years ago

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MASN is developing Considerations of Practice documents for Michigan school nurses.  In Michigan, the Public Health Code is the primary statute that defines regulations for nurses and other health care professionals. School nursing practice is also influenced by federal, state, local law and in some instances the Michigan School Code.  School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice are “expectations that guide the practice of school nursing” (2017, preface, ix). These documents contain important information that is not all inclusive or a substitute for  a nurse’s decision making or judgement.  They are intended as a broad direction for school nurse practice.

Our MASN Considerations documents review the federal and Michigan laws that impact the issue, provide considerations for best practice and give links to many resources for the topic.  The newest document to be added is Anaphylaxis, attached to this announcement.  Check them all out here!