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MASN May Celebration!

Posted 5 months ago

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May 10, 2023 has an official proclamation from our Governor Whitmer as Michigan School Nurse Day!   See attached official certificate and share widely-- it's not a bad thing to toot your own horn with your schools and staff!   NASN also has some great resources here to celebrate the day.


MASN is opening another limited time logo wear shop!  This time, the logo is a design to inspire and celebrate the valuable work that you do as a Michigan School Nurse.   Click the link here to visit the store-- orders will be accepted through May 16.  Those of you coming to the conference will be able to see sample colors and sizing of the various options!



Thank you for all you continue to do for our Michigan students-- your work of bridging healthcare to education does not go unnoticed.  Stay strong to the end of the school year!