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Every Student (& Nurse!) Counts in Michigan

Posted 4 months ago

Hello Michigan School Nurses! 

It is time to make you & your student data count by completing this very important Survey ASAP!

To have the most success in completing this survey you will need access to:

  • List of number of Paraprofessionals/Health Aides in your District 
  • List of number of students with Chronic Health Conditions (asthma, diabetes, seizure, life-threatening allergy, mental health) in your building(s) and/or District 
  • List of Health Office Visits (Back to Class, 911 Called, Sent Home)

If you do not collect this information, there will be a check box so you can move onto the next set of questions.

This data collection is part of the Every Student Counts data initiative.  Learn more about that here.

Please reach out to if you have any questions as you complete the survey.