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NASN Survey request

Posted over 5 years ago by Rachel VanDenBrink

Below is a link to the Medication survey being conducted by the University of Iowa in conjunction with the National Association of School Nurses.

It is asked that you complete the survey by May 15, 2015. This survey will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.

Survey link: https://redcap.icts.uiowa.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=3DMK8DYPW4<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/k-Kr6hAe6x0SyMOyzss-qekjtPqr3bapEVd7apJdxBBCWrVJdxBBcQsCzBASCMYOYqemnPvyeMaRck1h7Uvj_Bh3w09IzYfF_OExM04SeKYXpxZ_HYONtZBPHTbFFzHYep78LnVqWdAklrzCul3PWApmU6CQjq9K_9TLuZXTLsTsSjDdqymoJmcZfW6QxM075vl8v6wHm1YEvzsV7ODbWpUDqv0YAWMxrjhOyeovR55VNZ1UxH5D7i3x2XPH2p2Wr23HPW0VNBB0seup8qUxtAsgpKyyUMgd78WXGbLKTuogupYTWKJAiuM1kdF3w09JMQsT76NLQ9mSsGMEq89gd44OvCy0oIjHk-xEw66UCvb6SmjsWYgLqNTQI1x>

It will expedite the process when you have the following information before beginning the survey. (If you cover multiple schools-choose one representative school on which to gather this information).

* Demographics of school (number of students, % of students on free/reduced lunch, % students who speak English as a second language)
* Number of medications given in your schools (daily and for emergencies)
* Types of medications given
* Number of medication errors
* District Policy for medication administration
* District Procedures/Protocols for medication administration

No personal information will be collected in the survey. We are asking for aggregate data and information regarding policies. This is a voluntary survey. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Marie McCarthy (ann-mccarthy@uiowa.edu<mailto:ann-mccarthy@uiowa.edu> ) or Erin Maughan (emaughan@nasn.org<mailto:emaughan@nasn.org>).

On completion of the survey, if you choose, you may provide your email address in order to be entered in a drawing for an IPad. Otherwise, we will not collect your name or any identifying information about you. It will not be possible to link you to your responses on the survey.

This survey is open to all practicing school nurses who administer or oversee medication administration in schools-feel free to pass along to school nursing colleagues.

Ann Marie McCarthy
Erin Maughan