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Michigan Medicaid Changes for the families you work with!

Posted over 4 years ago by Rachel VanDenBrink

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Attention School Nurses! Medicaid Changes for the families you work with!

The Health Plan Marketplace can be a daunting adventure for anyone who is looking to get health coverage. It is especially confusing now as Michigan has re-bid all of its Medicaid health plan providers statewide. This means that all families with children covered by Medicaid Health Plans will need to re-apply for their health coverage in the next few months!

Attached is the map that provides the health plan information. All families will receive communications that will instruct them to sign up. The best support for families at our schools would be to tell them to watch for the letter, and if they don't understand it, to call you for assistance or call the Michigan Enrolls number on the Medicaid Health Plan Brochure (attached).

As always, serving our populations as an advocate is the best thing we can do for them - helping them through the myriad of systems. Things they should consider:

1. If their current doctor is part of the new plan

2. Is the hospital the one they want

Click here for the latest information from MDHHS.