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A message from the President and President-Elect of MASN

Posted about 4 years ago by Rachel VanDenBrink

Hello! Spring is here (although the weather does not reflect it!)! We are fast approaching the early bird deadline to register for the MASN Annual conference! We have secured additional time for the room discount at Mission Point until April 18. Please register and reserve your room this week. Feel free to use the talking points below to justify your attendance to your school administrators. You will need to fill in the areas in brackets with your personal estimates. We hope you will join us for the professional development and the networking opportunities! Please use any time at the conference to say hello to us! We enjoy getting to know you!

Kind Regards,

Evilia and Phyllis


Dear [School Administrator],

I would like to attend the Michigan Association of School Nurses' 2016 Annual Conference on May 12 and 13 on Mackinaw Island, and am seeking sponsorship for the registration fee, food, travel and lodging expenses. A cost breakdown is included below.

This conference will enable me to attend education sessions that are directly applicable to my work. It will also make it possible for me to build a professional network with school health experts from around the state.

The information, resources and tools I expect to acquire will provide school district and the students throughout our district with evidence-based approaches to keeping children healthy and in school so they can learn. As an attendee, I will have access to resources from nearly every education session in the conference schedule. It would be a tangible resource to share with my colleagues.

In addition, I will be able to earn up to 10.35 CNE contact hours. I am attaching the conference registration information and schedule for your information. Please let me know if you need additional Information.

Cost breakdown:

Conference Registration [thru 04//2016]: [$150/NASN member OR $200/non-member] Ferry transportation to the Island is included in this price.

Roundtrip Mileage: [insert an estimate]

Lodging: $89/single, $99/double per night for [Thursday night]

Meals: [insert an estimate] Breakfast and lunch will be provided on May 13

Other expenses: [insert an estimate]

Total cost [insert total after completing breakdown above].

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Content adapted from the NASN Justification toolkit http://schoolnursenet.nasn.org/nasn2016/home